J4 ›› 2008, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (1): 69-72.

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Clima tic Fea ture of High Tempera ture in Summer of Kongtong Reg ion

ZHOU Zhipeng1 , CAO Tiantang2 , CHEN Hong2   

  1. 1. Huating M eteorological S tation of Gansu Province, Huating 744100, China;2. Pingliang M eteorological B ureau, Piangliang 744000, China
  • Received:2007-09-11 Revised:2007-11-28 Online:2008-03-31 Published:2008-03-31


周志鹏1 ,曹天堂2 ,陈 虹2   

  • 作者简介:周志鹏(1968 - ) ,男,甘肃灵台县人,工程师,从事天气气候预报及其应用研究. E - mail: zzp53927@126. com


The climatic features of high temperature in Kongtong of Pingliang, Gansu Province were analyzed by using the observed data
in summer from 1951 to 2006. Results show that high temperature weather occurred 3. 5 times in a year in Kongtong, and 18 timeswas
a maximum; there were six times high temperature p rocesses lasting four to nine days in 56 years, and high temperature weather oc2
curred frequently after 1997; there were positive correlations between high temperature days and monthlymean temperature, total sun2
shine hours from June to August, but it corrected negativelywith total rainfall; Xinjiangwarm high p ressure ridge at the level of 500 hPa
over eastern Asia orwestern Pacific warm high p ressure have close relation with lasting high temperature.

Key words: Kongtong;, summer, high temperature, climatic feature


利用平凉市崆峒区1951~2006年夏季(6~8月)的气象资料,分析了该区高温过程的特征。结果表明:崆峒区平均每年发生3. 5次高温天气,最多可发生18次高温天气。近56 a共出现了6次持续4~9 d的高温天气过程; 1997年以来是高温频繁发生期;年高温日数与6~8月平均气温、总日照时数呈正相关,与6~8月总降水量呈反相关。持续高温与东亚上空500 hPa的新疆暖高压脊或西太平洋副热带暖高压关系密切。

关键词: 夏季, 高温, 气候特征, 平凉崆峒区

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