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  1. 水利部水利信息中心,.北京 100053
  • 收稿日期:2005-08-01 修回日期:2005-08-08 出版日期:2005-09-30 发布日期:2005-09-30
  • 作者简介:刘春蓁(1933-),女,教授级高级工程师,主要从事气候变化对水文水资源的影响研究.E-mail;Liucz@mwr, gov, cn

The Primary Analysis of Hydrological Cycle and its Ecological Function of Inland River Basins in China

liu Chun一zhen   

  1. Water Resources Information Center, MWR,Beijing 100053 ,China
  • Received:2005-08-01 Revised:2005-08-08 Online:2005-09-30 Published:2005-09-30


近50 a来,我国的西北内陆河流域,与世界很多干旱、半干旱的缺水地区一样,水文循环及其生态功能正发生着一系列衰退及相伴的生态环境恶化现象。木文从气候、人类话动与水文循环间相互作用的观点,用实测的气候水文数据剖析了这一现象。提出水文循环通过其生态功能,与生态系统相伴相生,互相依存。水资源的过渡开发利用超出了水文循环的再生能力,延迟了水资源再生周期。由于内陆河的平原与盆地的干燥度指数十分大,暖干气候放大了人类话动对水文循环的不利影响,加剧了生态环境的退化。对于内陆河流域,人类生存与经济发展地区远离山区水源地,流域统一的水资源综合管理对于维持健康的水文循环和生态系统尤为重要.

关键词: 气候, 人类话动, 水文循环, 生态功能, 内陆河流域


 In recent 50 years, being similar to many water scarcity areas in arid and semi arid regions of the world,the degradation of hydrological cycle and its ecological function and in turn the exacerbation of ecological environment have been occurring over inland river basins in Northwest China.  based on the observed climat。一hydrological data, with the view of interaction among climate, human activities and hydrological cycle, the above mentioned phenomena have been discussed in this paper. 'hhc fact discerned is that hydrological cycle is generating and accompanying as well as coexistence with ecological systems by its various ecological functions.  "hhe overexploitation and utilization of water resources have been beyond the recreating capacity of hydrological cycle and land plain,the dry and in turn the water resources recycle period has been decelerated.  ()wing to the huge arid index in the in warm climate has amplified the negative effect of human activities on hydrological cycle and thus aggra vatcd the ecological
environment.  "hhc human living and economic development arc situated in the area far from the area of mountain water sources in the inland river system,therefore, the approach of integrated water resources management of water shed seems to be an important tool to sustain healthy hydrological cycle or ecosystem as well.

Key words: climatc, human activity, watcr hydrology, cclogical function, inland river basin