J4 ›› 2008, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (1): 13-16.

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Influence of Clima te Change on Developmen t and D isappearance of L iangzhu Culture

 XU Guo-Chang   

  1. Institute of A rid M eteorology, ChineseM eteorological Adm inistration, Lanzhou 730020, China
  • Received:2008-01-10 Revised:2008-02-18 Online:2008-03-31 Published:2008-03-31



  1. 中国气象局兰州干旱气象研究所,甘肃 兰州 730020
  • 作者简介:徐国昌(1934 - ) ,男,河北人,研究员,主要从事气候环境科学研究工作


According to climate and sea level changes, the p rosperity and decline of the L iangzhu Culture are discussed in this paper,which generated in the Yangtze Delta area and the surrounding area of Taihu Lake and dated back to 5300 - 4000 years ago. The author considers that itwas the relative milder climate with lower temperature and less rainfall and lower sea level that p rovided the favorable environment for L iangzhu Cultures development in the mid - Holocene period. And high sea level and frequent floods during the fourth( last) warm /wet climate period for thousand years scale in the mid - Holocene resulted in disappearance of the L iangzhu Culture.

Key words: climatechange, influence, L iangzhu Culture



关键词: 气候变化, 影响, 良渚文化

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