J4 ›› 2011, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (1): 42-47.

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Influence of Meteorological Condition on Air Quality over Shijiazhuang of Hebei Province

ZHANG Xiakun1,WANG Chunling2,WANG Baojian3   

  1. 1.College of Atmospheric Sciences,Nanjing University of Information Science&Technology,Nanjing 210044,China;
    2.College of Applied Meteorology,Nanjing University of Information Science&Technology,Nanjing 210044,China;
    3.Lanzhou Central Meteorological Observatory,Lanzhou 730020,China.
  • Received:2010-12-21 Revised:2011-01-26 Online:2011-03-31 Published:2011-03-31



  1. 1.南京信息工程大学大气科学学院,江苏南京210044;2.南京信息工程大学应用气象学院,
  • 作者简介:张夏琨(1987-),男,河北安平人,硕士生,主要从事中尺度气象学、城市气象学研究.zxk668@126.com


Abstract:Based on the meteorological data in recent 40 years and two years atmospheric pollution monitoring data of Shijiazhuang,the air quality was analyzed in detail.The results indicated that the surface dominant wind direction is NNE,N and SSE,which increased air pollution of Shijiazhuang.Air pollutants were easy to exceed standard if wind speed was within a certain range,and the smaller the wind speed,not the pollutant concentration was larger.The strong rainfall have depurative effect on air,the thin rainfall resulted in air quality bad.The ratio of air stability near ground in Shijiazhuang was almost 50%,which made against air contamination diffuse.The heat island effect of urban district was easy to result air contamination pile from surburb to urban district.

Key words: meteorological condition, air pollution, air quality, monitoring and analysis


利用河北省石家庄市近40 a的气象资料和2 a的大气污染监测资料,详细分析了气象条件对该市空气质量的影响。结果表明:石家庄市冬季、秋季和春季地面主导风向为NNE、N和SSE,对市区空气污染有加剧作用;风速在一定范围内空气污染物易超标,并不是风速愈小,污染浓度愈大;强降水对空气有净化作用,弱降水会使空气质量变的更差;石家庄市边界层大气层结稳定的几率几乎占50%,不利于有害气体扩散;城市热岛效应明显,容易造成郊区的污染物向市区堆积。

关键词: 气象条件, 大气污染, 空气质量, 监测分析

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