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Characteristics of Retrieved Cloud Parameters During Precipitation Processes with Different
 Types in Spring in Eastern Qinghai Province Based on FY-2 Satellite Data

ZHOU Wanfu, TIAN Jianbing , KANG Xiaoyan, ZHANG Boyue, YAN Haiqian   

  1. Weather Modification Office of Qinghai Province, Xining 810001, China
  • Online:2018-06-30 Published:2018-06-30



  1. 青海省人工影响天气办公室,青海西宁810001


With the increasing application of satellite data in meteorological business, the effective identification of cloud macro and micro physical parameters is conducive to the development of weather modification. Based on the daily precipitation at weather stations and FY-2 satellite data in spring from 2005 to 2007, the cloud physical parameters during precipitation process with different pattern and magnitude were retrieved in eastern Qinghai Province. And on this basis the correlations with precipitation were analyzed. The results show that the most particle effective radius of precipitation cloud in spring retrieved by FY-2 satellite data ranged from 8 to 65μm in eastern Qinghai Province, cloud top temperatures were in the range of 215 to 240 K, cloud water content ranged between 10 and 150 g·cm-2, and cloud layer thickness concentrated from 1 500 to 5 200 m, while the values of cloud physical parameters and their correlation with precipitation during precipitation processes with different pattern and magnitude were significantly different.

Key words: FY-2, retrieval, cloud parameters, eastern Qinghai Province


卫星资料在气象业务中的应用越来越广泛,有效识别云的宏微观物理参数将有利于人影业务的发展。利用2005—2007年春季青海省东部地区FY-2卫星观测资料,针对不同形态、等级的降水过程,反演该区域降水云的宏微观物理参数,并与降水量做相关分析。结果表明:青海东部FY-2卫星反演的春季降水云粒子有效半径大多为8~65 μm,云顶温度大多为215~240 K,云层厚度大都在1 500~5 200 m之间,云水含量大多为10~150 g·cm-2,但不同形态、量级降水过程反演的云特征参数值及其与地面降水量的相关性差异较明显。

关键词: FY-2, 反演, 云参数, 青海东部