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Impacts of Land-use Data on the Simulation of 10 m Wind Speed in Northwest China

ZHAO Cailing1,2, ZHANG Tiejun1, WANG Wei1, LIU Yuanpu1, ZENG Dingwen1, LI Yaohui1   

  1. 1. Institute of Arid Meteorology, CMA, Key Laboratory of Arid Climatic Change and Reducing
     Disaster of Gansu Province, Key Laboratory of Arid Climate Change and Disaster Reduction of CMA,
     Northwestern Regional Center of Numerical Weather Prediction, Lanzhou 730020, China;
     2. Key Laboratory of Land Surface Process and Climate Change in Cold and Arid Regions,
     Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou 730000, China
  • Online:2018-06-30 Published:2018-06-30



  1. 1. 中国气象局兰州干旱气象研究所,甘肃省干旱气候变化与减灾重点实验室,
    2. 中国科学院西北生态环境资源研究院,中国科学院寒旱区


This study examined the impacts of land-use data on the simulation of 10 m wind speed from the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model in Northwest China. The International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP) land-use data were derived from the remote sensing data. The data were used to replace the static US Geographical Survey (USGS) land-use data in the WRF model. Based on the data recorded by national basic meteorological observing stations in Northwest China, the simulation results were compared and evaluated. The results are as follows: (1) IGBP land-use data could effectively improve the simulation results of 10 m wind speed. Both the simulation error of 10 m wind speed with different forecast time and daily simulation error were smaller. The simulation results of July and December 2015 were all improved. Compared with July 2015, using the IGBP data could more significantly improve the simulation of 10 m wind speed in December 2015. (2) Some variations in the range of impacts of land-use data on 10 m wind speed of different regions were existed. The main improvement located in Hedong district of Gansu, northern Ningxia and southern Shaanxi Province.(3)The improvement of 10 m wind speed simulation of using IGBP land-use data may be due to its improvement of ground roughness data.

Key words: Northwest China, land-use data, 10 m wind speed, numerical simulation


基于中尺度数值模式WRF,利用2015年7月和12月国家基本气象站观测的10 m风速资料、MODIS卫星遥感反演的IGBP土地利用数据和WRF模式自带的USGS土地利用数据,研究了不同土地利用数据对WRF模式在西北地区复杂地形条件下10 m风速模拟的影响。结果表明:(1)使用IGBP土地利用数据能有效改进模式10 m风速逐日变化和随不同预报时效变化的模拟效果。其中对2015年7月和12月模拟效果均有改进,且对12月10 m风速改进更加显著。(2)IGBP土地利用数据对西北地区不同区域风速数值模拟误差改进不同,主要改进区域位于甘肃河东、宁夏北部和陕西南部地区。(3)使用IGBP土地利用数据对模拟10 m风速的改进可能是由于其对地面粗糙度数据的改进。

关键词: 西北地区, 土地利用数据, 10 m风速, 数值模拟