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Analysis of High Temperature and Drought Event in Northwest Region of He’nan Province in Summer of 2014

NIU Guangshan1WANG Dayong2   

  1. 1. Jiaozuo Meteorological Bureau of He’nan Province,Jiaozuo 454003, China;
    2. Shanxi Provincial Climate Center,Taiyuan 030006, China  
  • Online:2015-10-30 Published:2015-10-30



  1. 1. 河南省焦作市气象局,河南焦作454003;2. 山西省气候中心,山西太原030006
  • 作者简介:牛广山(1983- ),男,工程师,主要从事天气预报及研究工作.
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In summer of 2014 the persistent high temperature and drought weather process that was most severe in recent 63 years appeared in the northwest of He’nan Province, which brought severe damage to agricultural productivity and normal life of people. In this paper Jiaozuo which is located in the northwest of He’nan Province was chosen to analyze the circulation pattern and physics quantity fields of the high temperature and drought event based on daily precipitation and maximum temperature, mean temperature data during 1979-2010 of seven meteorological stations in Jiaozuo, and NCEP reanalysis (1°×1°) data. The 100 hPa South Asia high stretched westward and lifted up northward abnormally, and at the same time, the east stretch index was strong. The 500 hPa West Pacific subtropical high was abnormal westerly and northerly, and the subtropical high ridge line maintained near 30°N, so the northwest region of He’nan Province was controlled by the subtropical high in June and July, thus cold air could not get down southward, which made the northwest He’nan appear the sustained high temperature weather. The northwest of He’nan was located at the moisture flux divergence region, the water vapor transport channel appeared weaker or at disrupt state compared to the climatology. The sinking motion controlled by the subtropical high led to increase of local temperature over the northwest of He’nan in June and July. The convective activity was weaker, and at the same time, the precipitable water was 30% less than that of the corresponding period during 1979-2010. All of these caused summer high temperature and drought event in the northwest of He’nan Province.

Key words:  drought, South Asia high, West Pacific subtropical high, OLR


2014年夏季河南省西北部出现持续性的高温干旱少雨天气,干旱给农业生产和人民生活造成严重灾害。选取豫西北的焦作为代表,利用1979~2010年的温度、降水以及NCEP 1°×1°资料,分析了2014年6~7月豫西北高温干旱的大气环流形势和相关物理量场,归纳出这次63 a不遇的夏旱成因:100 hPa南亚高压异常西伸北抬的同时,东伸指数偏强;中层500 hPa西太平洋副热带高压较常年异常偏西偏北,副热带高压脊线在30°N附近维持,使得豫西北在6~7月多为副高控制,冷空气活动偏北无法南下,造成豫西北地区出现持续高温天气。豫西北地区处在水汽通量辐散区域,水汽输送通道较气候平均呈现偏弱和断裂的状态,6~7月持续副高控制下的下沉运动造成豫西北地区局地气温上升,对流活动偏弱,同时大气可降水量较常年同期偏少3成左右,导致豫西北地区夏季降水偏少,形成干旱。

关键词:   干旱, 南亚高压, 西太平洋副高, OLR

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