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  1. 1. 上海师范大学生命与环境科学学院,上海200234; 2. 上海市张江高科技园区碧波深圳518 所,上海200234
  • 收稿日期:2010-10-08 修回日期:2011-04-26 出版日期:2011-11-30 发布日期:2011-09-30
  • 作者简介:牟尧( 1986 - ) ,男,青海循化人,硕士,从事地质与气候的研究.

Destruction of the Sealed Crust Heat Insulation: Mathematical Verification of“Morbifical Mechanism”Resulting in Climate & Environmental Change over the Past One Hundred Years

MU Yao1,MU Xinzhi2   

  1.  1. College of Life and Environment Sciences,Shanghai Normal University,Shanghai 200234,China;
    2. BiboShenzhen 518 Institute,Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi. Tech. Park,Shanghai 201203,China
  • Received:2010-10-08 Revised:2011-04-26 Online:2011-11-30 Published:2011-09-30


人体以及一切生物的生命过程必须在一定温度下进行。皮肤真皮下面的皮下脂肪组织具有比皮肤更强的热绝缘作用,其导热的速度只有其它组织的1 /4,它使机体内部的热不易传导到皮肤表面而散失,这对在低温条件下保持体温不致于过低是很重要的。油气、煤炭与脂肪同属碳氢化合物烃类物质,其热绝缘功能完全相同,油气、煤炭“相当于”地球的“皮下脂肪组织”。文章用大量的证据和鲜活的史料不仅否定了气候变化成因的温室效应说,而且揭示地壳隔热密封破坏正是近百年来气候变化的“发病机制”。即: 人类大规模的开采化石能源→地壳隔热密封破坏→大地热流增大→地球内部热量过多传至地表→地温、海温增高→ ①全球变暖; ②环境变化; ③异常灾害频繁发生。并且用数学的方法,准确计算出地壳隔热密封破坏,大地热流增大,截止2006 年已使全球平均气温升高0. 70℃,按目前发展趋势今后每10 a 全球增温幅度为0. 245 ℃。文章还对如何修复地壳热绝缘层提出了解决办法。

关键词: 地壳, 热绝缘层, 大地热流, 全球变暖, 环境变化, 异常灾害, 数学验证


The vital process of the human body as well as all living beings must proceed at a certain temperature. The rate of the thermal
conduction of the subcutaneous adipose tissue below the dermis is 1 /4 of other tissues,which makes it has a greater effect on thermal
insulation than the skin does,so that the heat of the internal body is unable to conduct to the skin surface and dissipate easily.
Such features play an important role in avoiding the body temperature from dropping too rapidly at low temperature. Belong to hydrocarbons
construction,oil - gas,coal and adipose tissue have the same function of heat insulation,so that both of oil - gas and coal can be
considered as“the Earth’s subcutaneous adipose tissue”. Using a host of facts and the latest historical data,the paper not only negates
the greenhouse effect theory,but also argues that the destruction of the sealed crust heat insulation resulted in climate change in
recent one hundred years. That is,the massive exploitation of the mineral energy by human beings→ the destruction of the sealed crust
heat insulation →heat flow increase → the quantity of the heat under the Earth excessively transmiting onto the surface →the increase
of temperature of the Earth and the sea → ① global warming; ② environmental change; ③ the frequent occurrence of the abnormal
calamities. And with mathematical method we accurately calculate the global average temperatures rising 0. 70 ℃ up to 2006 because of
the destruction of the sealed crust heat insulation and heat flow increase. If coal,oil and natural gas production maintains 2006 level,
global warming will be 0. 245 ℃ in the next 10 years. Besides,it also makes a solution about how to restore the heat insulation layer
of the Earth’s crust in this paper.

Key words: the Earth’s crust, the heat insulation layer, heat flow, global warming, environmental change, abnormal disaster, mathematical