J4 ›› 2011, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (4): 401-406.

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Studies on the Influences of Persistent Anomalies of MJO and AOon Drought Appeared in Yunnan

JU Jianhua1,2,Lü Junmei2,XIE Guoqing1,HUANG Zhongyan1   

  1.  1. Yunnan Provincial Meteorological Society,Kunming 650034,China;
    2. Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences,Beijing 100081,China.
  • Received:2011-11-10 Online:2011-12-31 Published:2011-12-31

MJO 和AO 持续异常对云南干旱的影响研究

琚建华1,2吕俊梅2 ,谢国清1黄中艳1   

  1. 1. 云南省气象学会,云南昆明650034,
    2. 中国气象科学研究院,北京100081
  • 作者简介: 琚建华( 1956 - ) ,男,云南昆明人,博士,教授,主要从事全球气候变化研究、热带季风和海气相互作用研究、季节内振荡研究和极端旱涝的物理成因研究和教学. E - mail: jujh@ cma. gov. cn
  • 基金资助:

    公益性行业专项项目“多时空尺度干旱监测与预警、评估技术研究”( GYHY201006023) 资助


The persistent anomalies of Madden - Julian Oscillation ( MJO) and Arctic Oscillation ( AO) not only have influences on global general circulation,but also have important implications for the drought and flood in eastern Asia. In this paper the frequent extreme drought events appeared in Yunnan Province and its surrounding areas in the past few years are analyzed. The results show that the precipitation in Yunnan would be affected while MJO and AO showed persistent anomalies. The three - season drought in autumn,winter and spring during the period of 2009 - 2010 was exactly caused by the extreme anomalies of MJO and AO ( MJO was inactive while AO was unusually weak) . And the persistent inactivity of MJO and the abnormally northerly location of western Pacific subtropicalhighs were responsible for the extreme summer drought during main flood season in 2011 of Yunnan.

Key words:  drought, MJO, AO, persistent anomaly


热带季节内振荡和北极涛动的持续异常会对全球大气环流产生影响,同样会对东亚地区的旱涝造成影响。本文针对云南及周边地区近年来频繁出现的极端干旱事件进行了分析。发现当热带大气季节内振荡( MJO) 和北极涛动( AO) 两者持续异常时,会对云南的降水产生影响。2009 /2010 秋、冬、春3 季连旱就是由MJO 和AO 出现极端异常( MJO 异常不活跃; AO 异常偏弱) 造成的。2011 年云南主汛期极端伏旱的产生则是由于MJO 持续不活跃和西太平洋高压脊异常偏北造成的。

关键词:  干旱, MJO, AO, 持续异常, 云南

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