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Reg iona l Character istics of Summer Prec ip ita tion Anoma lies in Gui zhou

WU Hongyu1 , WANG Qianqian2   

  1. 1. Guizhou Research Institute ofM ountainous A rea Environm ent and Clim ate, Key Laboratory of Mountainous Clim ate and Resource of Guizhou Province, Guiyang 550002, China; 2. N anjing University of Inform ation Science and Technology, N anjing 210044, China
  • Received:2008-01-07 Revised:2008-01-24 Online:2008-03-31 Published:2008-03-31


伍红雨1 , 王谦谦2   

  1. 1. 贵州省山地环境气候研究所,贵州省山地气候与资源重点实验室,贵州 贵阳 550002;2. 南京信息工程大学,江苏 南京 210044
  • 作者简介:伍红雨(1969 - ) ,女,贵州普定人,硕士,高级工程师,主要从事气候和数值模拟研究. E - mail: whygz555@yahoo. com. cn
  • 基金资助:

    黔科合J字(2006) 2102号、国家自然科学基金重点项目(40233037) 、黔科合外G字(2007) 400104号共同资助


Based on themonthly p recip itation data during 1951 - 2000 from 19 meteorological stations in Guizhou p rovince, the regional
characteristics of p recip itation anomalies in summer are studied by usingmethods of the fuzzy assembling analysis, emp irical orthogonal
function ( EOF) analysis and wavelet analysis on normalized anomaly of 19 stations’monthly averaged rainfall. The results show that
five obvious rainfall periods occurred in the recent 50 years, includingwet in the early 1950 s, dry from the middle of the 1950 s to the
early 1960 s, wet from the middle of 1960 s to the end of 1960 s, dry in the 1970 s and 1980 s, wet after the 1990 s, at the same time ,
the total rainfall p resented increasing trend. The coincident variability occurred in summer rainfall of Guizhou, but some regional differ2
ence also existed. The variations of p recip itation anomalies in summer can be divided into five spatial patterns, namely dry (wet) in
the whole p rovince, dry (wet) in the east and wet ( dry) in the west, dry (wet) in the south and wet ( dry) in the north, dry (wet )
in the middle and east part butwet ( dry) in the southwest, dry (wet) in the southwest and wet ( dry) in other areas. It p resented ob2
viousmultip le time scales of 10 - 12 years, 4 - 5 years and 2 - 3 years variations for different rainfall patterns.

Key words: precip itation anomaly, multip le time scale, regional difference, wavelet analysis


|利用贵州省19个测站1951~2000年夏季逐月降水资料,计算了降水量的月平均(区域平均)标准化距平。并进行模糊聚类分析、经验正交函数分解( EOF)和小波分析,研究了贵州夏季降水异常的区域特征。结果表明,贵州夏季降水在近50 a中存在5个明显的气候段: 20世纪50年代前期为多雨期; 50年代中期到60年代前期为少雨期; 60年代中后期为多雨期; 70~80年代为少雨期; 90年代以后进入多雨期;降水呈增多的趋势。全省一致性是贵州夏季降水的最主要特征,同时还存在区域差异。贵州夏季降水异常有5种空间分布型,即:全省旱(涝)型、东旱(涝)西涝(旱)型、南旱(涝)北涝(旱)型、中东旱(涝)西南涝(旱)型和西南旱(涝)其余涝(旱)型。各型降水具有多时间尺度振荡的特点,存在10~12 a、4~5 a、2~3 a的周期。


关键词: 降水异常, 多时间尺度区域差异, 小波分析

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