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Analysis of Boundary Layer Meteorology Characteristic Parameters During a Continuous Heavy Pollution Event

LI Erjie 1,2, LIU Xiaohui 2, LI Yang 2, ZHAO Yuguang 2   

  1. 1. Hebei Provincial Meteorological Service Center, Shijiazhuang 050021, China;
    2. Hebei Provincial Environmental Meteorology Center, Shijiazhuang 050021, China‘
  • Online:2015-10-30 Published:2015-10-30



  1. 1. 河北省气象服务中心,河北石家庄050021;2. 河北省环境气象中心,河北石家庄050021
  • 作者简介:李二杰(1978-),男,安徽砀山,高级工程师,主要从事环境气象研究
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A large scale heavy pollution process occurred from December 14 to 25 in 2013 in the middle and eastern China. In this paper the pollution forming source was analyzed by using the Hysplit model, that is, air trajectory reverse inference. According to radiosonde data and ground observation data in the central pollution region Xingtai, meteorology characteristic parameters were calculated including atmospheric stability, mixing layer height, inversion and so on, and relationship has been analyzed between mixing layer height, relative humidity, visibility and PM2.5 concentration. The results show that local pollutant emission was main pollution forming source during the process, and atmospheric stratification was relatively stable over middle and southern regions of Hebei Province, the deeper thickness (average value was 230 m) and stronger intensity (average value was 2.34 ℃/100 m) of inversion layer, as well as lower mixing layer height (average value was 618 m) were key factors influencing pollution level. There was negative correlation between concentration of PM2.5 and mixing layer height, and a highly negative correlation (R=-0.77) existed between that and logarithm visibility, and for relative humidity, it showed a weakly positive correlation (R=0.62).

Key words: heavy pollution, air trajectory, mixing layer height, inversion, relative humidity, visibility


针对2013年12月14~25日出现的区域性重污染过程,采用Hysplit后推气团轨迹模式分析了污染形成源,利用污染中心邢台的探空、地面数据计算了大气稳定度、混合层高度、逆温等气象特征量,并对混合层高度、相对湿度、能见度与PM2.5浓度进行了相关分析。结果表明:此次重污染以局地排放为主要形成源,河北省中南部地区大气层结偏稳定,逆温层厚(平均230 m)、强度大(平均2.34 ℃/100 m)、混合层高度低(平均618 m)是影响污染程度的重要因素;PM2.5浓度与混合层高度呈现负相关(R=-0.80),与能见度呈指数相关(R=-0.77),与相对湿度呈弱的正相关(R=0.62)。

关键词: 重污染, 气团轨迹, 混合层高度, 逆温, 相对湿度, 能见度

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