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Analysis of Temperature Variation in Recent 130 Years in Central Asia

SHEN Weifeng1MIAO Qilong1WEI Tiexin1,2KONG Chengcheng3   

  1. 1. Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology,Nanjing 210044,China;
    2. Defending Center of Meteorological Disasters of Hebei Province,Shi Jiazhuang 050000,China;
    3. Jingyuan County Meteorological Station of Ningxia,Guyuan 756400,China
  • Received:2012-12-10 Revised:2012-12-24 Online:2013-03-30 Published:2013-03-01

中亚地区近130 多a 温度变化特征


  1. 1. 南京信息工程大学,江苏南京210044; 2. 河北省气象局气象灾害防御中心,河北石家庄050000; 3. 宁夏回族自治区泾源县气象局,宁夏固原756400
  • 作者简介:沈伟峰,男,硕士研究生,主要研究方向为气候变化及气象灾害. E - mail: swfbj@ nuist. edu. cn
  • 基金资助:

     科技部公益性行业( 气象) 科研专项( GYHY201006012) 资助


Based on the global grid point monthly average surface temperature anomaly sequence established by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies( GISS /NASA) ,the basic characteristics of the surface temperature change in central Asia from 1880 to 2011 were analyzed and discussed by using linear regression method and Mann - kendall test. The results show that in recent 130 years,the temperature increased with a rate of 0. 073℃ /10 a in central Asia,which was similar to the global level and more than Chinese level. In January,April and October,temperature in central Asia presented increasing trend,and in July,it presented a weak decreasing trend. Theannual average temperature in central Asia had the abrupt change in the early 1980s,especially in recent 50 years temperature increased obviously.

Key words: Central Asia, global warming, temperature variation trend, abrupt change


利用戈达德太空研究所( Goddard Institute for Space Studies,GISS /NASA) 建立的全球网格点月平均地表温度距平序列,通过一元线性回归、M - K 检验对中亚地区1880 ~ 2011 年地面气温变化的基本特征进行分析和讨论。结果表明: 近130 a 来,中亚地区温度变化趋势率为0. 073 ℃ /10 a,接近于全球,高于我国的近百年温度变化趋势率; 中亚地区1、4、10 月呈增温趋势,其中1 月份温度变化幅度最大,4、10 月份增温趋势率较大; 而7 月份呈微弱降温趋势。中亚地区年平均温度在20 世纪80年代初期发生突变,出现较大的增温趋势,尤其是近50 a,增温明显。

关键词: 中亚, 气候变暖, 温度变化趋势, 气温突变

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