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Summary of Advance on Drought Study in Southwest China

YIN Han1,2LI Yaohui1,2

  1. 1. College of Atmospheric Sciences,Lanzhou University,Lanzhou 730000,China;
    2. Lanzhou Institute of Arid Meteorology,China Meteorological Administration,Key Laboratory of Arid Climatic Change and Reducing Disaster of Gansu Province,Key Open Laboratory of Arid Climate Change and Disaster Reduction,CMA,Lanzhou 730020,China
  • Received:2012-02-24 Revised:2013-03-10 Online:2013-03-30 Published:2013-03-15



  1. 1. 兰州大学大气科学学院,甘肃兰州730000;
    2. 中国气象局兰州干旱气象研究所,甘肃省干旱气候变化与减灾重点实验室,中国气象局干旱气候变化与减灾重点开放实验室,甘肃 兰州 730020
  • 作者简介: 尹晗(1985-) ,男,硕士研究生,主要从事干旱气候变化相关研究. E - mail: yinhan271@163. com
  • 基金资助:

     公益性行业( 气象) 科研专项项目“多时间尺度干旱监测预警、评估技术报告”( GYHY201006023) 资助


Extreme climate events such as heavy drought were increasing under the background of global climate change. The intensity and area of drought increased continually in recent years in China,and drought events began to develop from arid and semi - arid regions to humid area. There were abundant rainfall and humid climate in Southwest China,but in recent years,severe drought events lasting for several years occurred there,which caused huge damage to local social economy and attracted widespread interest. Many researchers studied about southwestern drought events,they tried to find occurrence regularity,characteristics and formation mechanism through analysis of temporal and spatial distribution of precipitation and temperature in southwest China,atmospheric circulation and weather system; some researchers studied about monitoring system for southwestern drought by using drought index and satellite remote sensing and so on. In this paper,based on investigating a large amount of related documents,we had a summarization and commentary about the recent study achievements of southwestern drought and tried to offer reference to the study on the drought of southwest and even other regions,and offer help to drought disaster prevention and reduction.

Key words: southwestern drought, advance, summary


随着全球气候变化,重大干旱等极端气候事件有增加趋势。我国历来是受干旱危害最严重的国家之一,近年来干旱强度和受旱区域不断增加,而且开始由干旱半干旱区向湿润区发展。雨水充沛、气候湿润的西南地区,近年来发生持续数年的严重干旱事件,给当地社会经济造成重大损失,并引起了广泛关注。许多学者也对西南干旱进行了分析研究,他们通过分析西南地区降水和温度的时空分布特征,以及影响西南干旱的大气环流和天气系统,寻找造成西南干旱的发生规律、特征和形成机理; 还有学者运用干旱指数、卫星遥感等方法研究了西南干旱的监测技术。本文研阅了近10 a 来大量相关文献,对西南干旱的最新研究成果进行了总结和评述,力图为西南乃至其它区域干旱的研究提供借鉴,为干旱防灾减灾提供帮助。

关键词: 西南干旱, 研究进展, 综述

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