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吉惠敏, 冀兰芝, 王锡稳, 李文莉   

  1. 兰州中心气象台,甘肃 兰州 730020
  • 收稿日期:2005-11-28 修回日期:2006-03-19 出版日期:2006-06-30 发布日期:2006-06-30
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    甘肃省科技厅项目“甘肃省山洪地质灾害气象预报与预警系统研究”(3ZS014 - A25 - 012)资助

A Synthetical Analysis of a Severe Convective Weather Event

JI Hui - min,JI Lan - zhi,WANG Xi - wen,LI Wen - li   

  1. Lanzhou Central Meteorological Observatory,Lanzhou 730020,China
  • Received:2005-11-28 Revised:2006-03-19 Online:2006-06-30 Published:2006-06-30
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    吉惠敏(1963 - ),女,江苏无锡人,高级工程师,从事中、短期天气预报工作.


2004 年7 月4 日下午,甘肃河东出现强雷阵雨天气并伴有冰雹。从大尺度环境场、物理量场特征、多普勒雷达回波特征3 方面综合分析本次强对流天气的成因。本次过程在500 hPa 高空环流形势场上呈典型的西北气流型,冷平流随高度增加使不稳定层结得以建立和维持。干冷空气冲击高原东侧到甘肃中部的能量锋,触发了强烈的对流。根据雷达回波演变过程看出,冰雹是由多单体风暴造成的,在径向速度图上可分析出γ 中尺度气旋性旋转流场。

关键词: 冰雹, 能量, 多普勒雷达回波, 中尺度气旋


The causes of a heavy rain with hails and thunderstorm which occurred in the east part of Gansu province on July 4th 2004,were analyzed from three aspects of the synoptic environment,physical quantity field and the characteristics of Doppler radar echoes. Results show that it was a typical northwest flow pattern at the level of 500 hPa,and the intensity of cold advection increasing with height resulted in instability energy accumulation,the dry and cold air touching off the energy front from the east side of Tibet plateau to the middle part of Gansu province led to the strong convection. The evolution of radar echoes showed that the hailstones came from multi - cell storms and the meso - γ scale cyclone could be identified by the radial velocity products of Doppler radar

Key words: hail, energy front, Doppler radar echoes, meso - scale cyclone