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郭 萍,王亚莉,李成武,李金槐   

  1. 云南省临沧市气象局,云南临沧 677000
  • 收稿日期:2009-01-13 修回日期:2009-09-28 出版日期:2009-03-31 发布日期:2009-03-30
  • 作者简介:郭萍(1972 - ) ,云南临沧市人,现从事天气预报服务工作.

Compara tive Ana lysis on Three Rare Ra iny and SnowyWea ther in L incang of Yunnan Prov ince

GUO  Ping, WANG E-Chi, LI Cheng-Wu, LI Jin-Huai   

  1. Lincang M eteorological B ureau of Yunnan Province, L incang 677000, China
  • Received:2009-01-13 Revised:2009-09-28 Online:2009-03-31 Published:2009-03-30


利用M ICAPS资料,对临沧市近年出现的3次罕见雨雪天气从环流特征、冷空气特点和物理
量场进行分析,得出: 3次雨雪天气过程都是在有利的天气形势背景下发生的,冷空气的强弱和水汽

关键词: :雨雪, 环流特征, 物理量, 对比分析


Based on themicap s data, the three rare rainy and snowyweather p rocesses occurred onMarch 5 2005, February 1 2007 and
January 27 2008 in L incang of Yunnan p rovince, were analyzed and compared from the circulation features, characteristics of cold air
and physical quantity fields. Results showed that the three weather p rocesses occurred in favorable weather situations, the strong or
weak cold air and differentwater vapor sources, and different distribution ofwater - vapor flux divergence, vertical velocity and p seudo
- equivalent potential temperature resulted in less ormore p recip itation during the three rainy and snowy weather p rocesses.

Key words: rainy and snowy weather, circulation characteristics, physical quantity field, comparative analysis