J4 ›› 2008, Vol. 25 ›› Issue (1): 83-87.

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M ethod of Drought M onitor by Remote Sensing in Four Provinces of Northwest China:Erads Software as an Example

 LI Xing-Min1, YANG Xin-Guo2, WANG Zhao3, SHA Dao-Bing3, DENG Feng-Dong3   

  1. 1.Shaanxi Meteorological Service Observatoryfor Economic Crop,Xi’口n 710015,China;2.Gansu Provincial Meteorological Bureau,Lanzhou 730020,China;3.Shaanxi Remote Sensing Information CenterforAgriculture,Xi’口n 710015,China
  • Received:2006-09-15 Revised:2007-01-31 Online:2007-03-31 Published:2007-03-31

西北4省(区)干旱遥感监测方法— — 以Erads软件为例


  1. 1.陕西省经济作物气象服务台,陕西西安710015;2.甘肃省气象局;甘肃兰州730020;3.陕西省农业遥感信息中心.陕西西安710015
  • 作者简介:李星敏(1968一),女,甘肃酒泉人,高级工程师.主要从事气候及卫星遥感应用研究
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The method for drought monitoring by remote sensing and monitoring flow were introduced in the paper,which can transfer
NOAA/AVHRR data received from DVBS system to Erads software where geographical correction and image mosaic can be done,and
drought monitoring model can be made and Inn.Drought occul"l~d in four provinces ofNorthwest China in the last ten—day of July,
2006 was monitored by using this method and work flow.an d the results were in agreement with observations of soil moisture in this area.It shows if proper drought monitor model is chosen,the drought magnitude can be monitored by this method and work flow.

Key words: drought, remote sensing, monitoring


介绍了将DVBS系统接收处理得到的NOAA/AVHRR卫星遥感资料,转入Erads软件,在Erads软件中对图像进行校正、拼接,通过建模运算实现干旱遥感监测的方法和监测流程。利用该方法对2006年7月下旬西北4(省)区的地面旱情进行监测,结果表明利用该工作流程,选择合适的干旱遥感模型可以得到监测区域的旱情,旱情监测结果与地面20 cm土壤相对湿度监测的旱情结果较一致.

关键词: 干旱, 遥感, 监测

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