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  1. 1.中国气象局兰州干旱气象研究所,甘肃省干旱气候变化与减灾重点实验室,中国气象局干旱气候变化与减灾重点开放实验室,甘肃兰州730020; 2.甘肃省武威市气象局,甘肃武威733000.
  • 收稿日期:2010-12-31 修回日期:2011-02-18 出版日期:2011-03-31 发布日期:2011-03-31
  • 作者简介:郭小芹(1965-),女,甘肃天水人,研究生,从事气象科技管理工作.E-mail:gxq9179@126.com

Measure About the Meteorological Movie&Video Developingin the Period of Market Transition

GUO Xiaoqin1,2,LIU Mingchun2   

  1. 1.Institute of Arid Meteorology,China Meteorological Administration,Key Laboratory of Arid Climatic Change and Reducing Disaster of   Gansu Province,Key Open Laboratory of Arid Climate Change and Disaster Reduction of CMA,Lanzhou 730020,China; 2.Wuwei Meteorological Bureau of Gansu Province,Wuwei 733000,China.
  • Received:2010-12-31 Revised:2011-02-18 Online:2011-03-31 Published:2011-03-31



关键词: 气象影视, 市场转型, 收视率


Using the data of the meteorological service from 2004 to 2009 in Gansu Province,the characteristics of meteorological movie &video is analyzed.The results showed that the year of 2007 is a turning point for the market of meteorological movie&video.With the reduce of its market share,the meteorological movie&video is undoubtedly a question of secondary importance.Considering its present condition,it is not better suitable to market requirement,not only reflects on the form,the program content,market competition,but also on talent persons.Under the market economic system,audience rating plays a key role in meteorological movie&video.To improve market  fficiency,it is necessary to work hard in news nature,living,popularization and artistry of program.Improving market competitive power,program director system and brand compere are worth learning for us.

Key words: meteorological movie&video, market transition, audience rating